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Not Quite Celebrity
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The original not_quite_celeb crumbled to its ultimate demise October 24th 2003 after a long going struggle to keep it alive. After two years of an unbreakable connection amongst a few of the original members, NQC has been given the chance of life again.

Our goal for this community is to bring the fun back into role playing. We miss the good ol’ days before the role playing experience exploded onto Greatest Journal and turned into a blood sport rather than just a fun hobby. However, we also pride ourselves on maturity, as well as realism. It is important to us for all of our members to feel a sense of respect as well as a sense of belonging no matter what genre/fandom they are from. The mod team is set up to make sure everything in the community runs smoothly, not to abuse the power of authority.

With this we give you the NEW and IMPROVED Not Quite Celebrity.

Vivat NQC.

To Join..
Follow all of the directions located in nqc_mod

Sub Communities:

ooc_nqc All OOC issues/hiatuses/problems.
aim_nqc All AIM conversations.
adult_swim_nqc All those dirty, mature thoughts your having... feel free to speak your mind on them.
lyrics_nqc Got a song to show your mood? Post it here.
broadcast_nqc Introductions for all new members, or reintroductions for existing members.
icons_nqc - Request icon/layout/graphic help here.
aimless_nqc- the alternative to AIM interactions

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